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All of our currently active Minecraft mods are listed below.

Mod List

Zane Extras
    - About: A spiritual successor to Zollern Extras, it also adds extras and mechanics of its own, while connecting to the original mod that is now designed to work alongside it.
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Zollern Blocks
    - About: Random, special blocks created by the author of Zollern Extras. Currently still being developed.
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Zollern Extras
    - About: Zollern Extras is (as its name suggests) an "extras" mod, that adds stuff, reinvents things, improves upon existing material, integrates other mods, and provides a fun, "lively" feel to your Minecraft experience. With custom blocks, ores, items, metals, tools, biomes, mobs, bosses, dimensions and so much more, your Minecraft world should never feel dull. There are a lot of hidden surprises for players to find within this mod: some obvious, some not-so-obvious. In recent versions, it has been designed to work with Zane Extras, a mod made by Master Zane, with them teaming up occassionally to work on dual-mod features. This mod also works with and integrates aspects from the CoFH mods, Applied Energistics, Big Reactors, and Tree Capitator. It is a mod filled with imagination and beautiful scenery that is constantly being improved upon.
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Zollern Galaxy
    - About: Zollern Galaxy (originally known as "Project Nova" or "Nova Galactic") is an add-on mod for Galacticraft. It adds several new solar systems, planets, moons (eventually), mobs, biomes, blocks, ores, bosses, mechanics, etc. It is designed to work alongside Steve Kung's beautiful "More Planets" mod. It also makes aluminum pulverizable in the CoFH mods.
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