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zTech+ » Server Rules and Advisements
Most of our "rules" are really just common sense: don't be a jerkbag and don't cheat. Pretty simple. But for formality's sakes (and to cover our booty butts later), our actual rules are listed (in a silly way, to promote humor and fun) below. Please adhere to them so that everyone can have the best server experience possible. Thank you.
Note: If you break any of these rules, I will torment and screw with you on the server, without end, myself. òبó
  1. NO STEALIES THE STUFFS. Don't be takin' stuff that belongs to someone else - earn it yourself if you need it that badly.
  2. DON'T DO THE CHEATY CHEATS. This includes X-Raying, getting stuff from creative (if you're an op, in which case you should know better), or any other kinda way that gives you an advantage over everyone else. NEI, Waila, OptiFine, and Rei's Mini Map are included with this modpack, so really you shouldn't need anything else anyway.
  3. plz dnt ask 2 b op lol. We have too many already, and only the original members (that have been with us since the beginning) and those who have helped us time and time again can be opped. In short: "can i be op plz" LOL NO.
  4. DON'T HURT OR KEELZ THE ANIMULS. Some of the mobs (such as the Wyvern from Mo'Creatures and my Baby Ender Dragon from Zollern Extras) are very difficult and/or time-consuming to tame or obtain, and require a lot of hard work and time. Some Players become attached to their pets and will likely endeavor upon a personal, bloody vendetta, should you harm or otherwise kill any of their pets. If it's outside, not around houses, doesn't have a name tag, and there isn't someone chasing it (perhaps shouting "COME HERE YOU PIECE OF SH*bleep*!"), then it's probably okay. It's usually pretty obvious to tell when a mob is someone's pet. If you're not sure, ask. Note: Asking "can I kill this Wyvern/Dragon outside your house" may not end very well for you. We are not responsible for injuries as a direct result of a Player's own stupidity.
  5. DON'T PLANT THE SACRED RUBBER TREE SAPLING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I'm looking at you, Zane. This is an ENORMOUS tree from MineFactory Reloaded, and I mean it is big enough to take up a few THOUSAND blocks. It's big enough that when it grows, it crashes the server, and then we have to restart it, and usually that means that the world didn't have time to save, and then when we do load back in, the tree isn't even there, because it made the server crash before it could be planted. Also, if it DOES still survive the crash, you won't be able to be around it without your game freezing. Mike and I have top of the line computer technology, and we can't even get around it. The MEGA RUBBER SAPLING is fine, but NOT the SACRED one! If you're truly curious about it, please do it in Single Player. Please.
  6. DON'T BREAK THE HOMESIES OF OTHER PLAYER BEINGS. A lot of people work very hard on their bases, myself included. Don't be that guy (or girl, for the smarty butts out there). We also have a mod called Ruins that pastes structures and stuff into the world. Those are okay to destroy and are usually pretty obvious as to what they are. They typically won't have lights, will be made of vanilla blocks, be small, or be empty. Again, if you're not sure, ask. We have some pretty creative people though, so you'll likely be able to tell if a build actually belongs to a Player or not. Heck, maybe you could even turn a Ruins structure into a base.
That's pretty much it. As I said, a lot of these "rules" are really just common sense. So just be nice to each other and respect everyone else's stuff. The biggest rule of all? Have fun!